Does Mobile Friendliness Matter In Your International E-Commerce Platform? Read On To Know

online shoppersIt is the 21st century – A decade of extensive internet coverage and globalization. Unlike several decades ago, reaching out to your customer is no longer a hard tackle. With an international e-commerce platform, you can sell your jewelry to a customer in Australia. You can get the best gold items from South Africa. Also, you can make Singapore your sole market without having to establish a physical office there. Wow. However, for you to realize this dream, your platform must conform to the prevailing online trends.

One of these trends is mobile friendliness. Everyone owns a mobile device. Some are using them to buy or sell products online. But as a webpreneur focusing on international audience, should mobile friendliness be an issue to you? Well, here are three irresistible reasons why you need to prioritize mobile optimization when choosing an international e-commerce platform:

Mobile shopping is the e-commerce future

Unlike decades ago, people are no longer using their mobile devices to make and receive calls only. The mobile developers have come up with apps and features that are enabling one to do more with their mobile devices. With this reality, people are turning to mobile shopping. The number of PC-based online shoppers is declining per dawn. As these changes take shape, your profitability in the coming days will depend on how well your website is optimized for mobile devices. Hence, if you want to retain your sales level and profits, you should focus on making your site mobile friendly. This will happen through choosing a mobile responsive international e-commerce platform.

Mobile optimization is a search engine criterion

In 2015, a significant change took place. Google did an update on its ranking criteria to incorporate mobile optimization. Web pages prioritizing mobile friendliness are ranking better than their counterparts. As an upcoming webpreneur or a veteran, your ability to adapt the new trend will determine your position on the search engines. If you build your site on an international e-commerce platform that is rigid and ignore mobile friendliness, your opportunity to fail will be high. Hence, you should prioritize mobile optimization to win better ranking.

it is the best way to enhance your customer experience

Customers are in search of a website or online store that will enable them to shop using their mobile devices. When you optimize your e-commerce platform for the mobile devices, you conform to the customer desires. Hence, you will drive more sales. So, prioritize mobile optimization in your international e-commerce platform selection.


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